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TARA (Caesalpinia spinosa) is a plant form the Peruvian Andes whose fruit has high hydrolysable tannin contents. We have seen a growing demand for TARA in the leather and food industries, whose principal demand is for Tara powder and Tara gum.



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Tara Powder 

Product of the fruit’s grinding , being its active principle hydrolysable tannins with an average content of 48 to 62%, for what constitutes ideal natural input for the tannery industry, and to obtain gallic acid and tannic acid used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry.
Most important applications
The advantage of Tara’s tannins is that it obtains an optimum or high-end leather used for “luxury” leathers such as: carpets for cars, furniture, clothing, and the upper part of footwear.
Ideal natural substitute
In the tanning industry, chromium is replaced by 100% vegetable tannery with Tara powder. In other cases the retanning is done with this natural ingredient, the first step being the “wet blue” leather, in which the process of tanning with synthetic tannins or the Trivalent Chromium begins, in the second step the retanning is done with Tara powder.
Important value in the international market
In 2014 the European Union published a regulation to ban Chromium VI with concentrations of 3 mg / kg or more in leather articles that are in direct contact with the skin and since January 2015 established that all new vehicles in Europe should be reusable and / or recyclable in> 85%, and free of chromium VI.
Excellent news for tara powder, because tannery made with tara powder is free of chromium and more easily biodegradable than leather tanned in a mineral form.

Tannic Acid

Most important applications
It is used as a clarifier in the wine and beer industries. It gives an astringent taste to red wines (whose bouquet they are partly responsible for).
Ideal natural substitute
Used to precipitate solids and produce potable water in the food industry, being a good natural alternative to the use of Aluminum Sulphate, since this product is considered as harmful to health in some countries.

Tara Gum

Product obtained from the seed, its main properties: high viscosity, it does not modify the flavors (it has excellent palatability), it is light in color, thermostable (resistant to freezing), stable at a pH higher than 3.5, soluble in cold.
Most important applications
Used in the food industry as a hydrocolloid, thickening agent, stabilizer, water retention agent, gelling agent, used mainly in the preparation of ice cream, sausages, juices, soups in powder and liquid, sauces, mustards, mayonnaise, ketchup, yogurt, dietetic products, pasta, bread, cosmetics.
Ideal natural substitute
Traditional gums used in the food industry (tara gum is ideal in the production of ice cream), also as a natural alternative to the use of Guar Gum, Goma Arabica, Tragacanth Gum and Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC).
Important Value in the international market
The European Union through resolution E-417 approved the use of Tara gum as a food additive in the food industry.
Japan also approved the use of tara gum as an input in its food industry.

Gallic Acid

Most important applications
It is used in the pharmaceutical industry. In medicine they are prescribed as astringents. Its property of coagulating the albumins of mucous membranes and tissues, create an insulating and protective layer that reduces irritation and pain.
Ideal natural substitute
Used in solutions rich in tannins for medication, such as decoctions, they are used to stop small local hemorrhages against traditional chemical products.




PEBANI adds as a differential value to its offer the strategic alliances with native peasant communities producing organic Tara, with which we work with social and environmental responsibility; besides allowing us to have a competitive price in the international market.
We also assure our customers the Tara’s tannins and iron quality, through rigorous analyzes carried out in accredited laboratories.
Finally, we put at your disposal our experience of more than 21 years, led by our CEO Cesar Barriga, a key member of Tara National Action Plan – SERFOR – CONATARA and recognized expert consultant in all the management of Tara’s commercial chain.
We have received the visit of some of our clients from: Italy and the USA. We invite you to see our work, contact us to schedule your visit.

We are attentive to your questions and concerns.

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