PEBANI INVERSIONES S.A company with 21 years of experience dedicated to the production and export of medicinal plants, raw materials and natural products as a whole presentations: sliced, hydro-alcoholic, powder or liquid extracts; used for the tannery, food, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industry.

PEBANI has been working with families of farmers and native communities as strategic partners, the visit of some of our clients confirming our work of environmental and social responsibility has managed to maintain their loyalty.

PEBANI also offers the advisory service and integral consultancy in several projects of environmental impact for the task of the different industries.

Misión & Visión

Our main mission is to promote the development of organic products, taking care of the environment and the development of farmers in order to offer and maintain a supply of high quality native Peruvian products to the international market. PEBANI has the vision to be the main Peruvian company in the opening of international markets to the great variety of native Peruvian products, maintaining the fair and sustained development of the farmers and communities involved in their production.


  • Punctuality, timely delivery of products.
  • Transparency, transparent treatment with customers.
  • Honesty, 100% pure products.
  • Social and Environmental Sensibility, total traceability of the products.


Cesar Barriga

Cesar Barriga

General Manager

Forest Engineer of the National Agrarian University – La Molina, PEBANI’S founder and CEO, Current Vice President of the Peruvian Institute of Natural Products and expert consultant on Environmental and Natural Resources Issues, worked at the National Institute of Development -INADE-, Ministry of Agriculture, Former University Professor at UNALM and U. de Lima. Environmental Supervisor of OSINERGMIN, for the Camisea Project, Forest Coordinator of Sierra Exportadora.

Expert Consultant on Environment and Natural Resources issues.

Rodolfo Barriga

Rodolfo Barriga

Researcher of the Amazonian flora

Graduated from the National Agrarian University – La Molina, in Agronomy’s Faculty. Researcher of the Amazonian flora, especially those species that have the potential to be used industrially, which would then be a source of work, welfare and development for the region and the country.
He has written the book “Useful plants of the Peruvian Amazon: Characteristics, uses and possibilities”

Researcher of the amazonian flora, especially of those species that have industrial potential.

José Campos

José Campos


Biologist with Masters in Tropical Botany at UNMSM, Botanist expert in PEBANI, consultant on issues of reforestation and plant taxonomy, member of the Latin American Botany Network. Worked as a Professor of Biology, Botany and Zoology at U.N.M.S.M and publish works such as Ethnopharmacological survey of Chazuta valley (Peruvian Amazon): A potential source for anti-inflammatory herbal drugs. Co-author. Faculty of Pharmacy -University of Barcelona, Spain.

Biologist with Masters in Tropical Botany, Expert in reforestation and taxonomy of plants.


To reward the support we receive from the native communities and small farmers we establish a fair price and we also offer our support through contributions of medicines, books, clothing, tools. The objective is to unleash an integrated development and positive impact on your daily life in Health, Education and Welfare.

Supported Agricultural Communities

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